Just as the grief you experience doesn’t end with the funeral, neither does our care.

Grief Support

The moment you invited us into your life to care for your loved one, we made a commitment to honor your family in every way that we can.

With our emphasis on pre-arrangements, we invite you to honor your own lives, to make your wishes known, to provide a gift to your loved ones, and to relax in the knowledge that your plans have been made known and that your wishes will be honored.

With our commitment to the services we provide, we ensure that your entire experience, as awful as the death of a loved one always is, is nonetheless a peaceful one in which you and your family can have the confidence of knowing that your best interests will always be served.

However, just as the grief you experience doesn’t end with the funeral, neither does our care.

Grief is always hard, in one way or another, even after the death of a loved one who lived long and lived well, not to mention those deaths for which we could have never prepared.

The support and care you have around you in the days, weeks, and months following your loss can make all the difference in the world. The more support you have the more healthy your grief can be and the more robust your celebration of the life of the loved one you’ve lost.

Remember: you are not alone. 

Our commitment to you is to be there and to provide you with the help you may need, perhaps now, perhaps later.

Our Executive Director of Counseling,  Dr. Jonathan Eric Carroll, is happy to walk with you, to help shine light on your path through grief, and to listen as you remember and recover.

The Continuing Care Services we offer you include:

  • Grief Therapy with Dr. Carroll, our Pastoral Counselor-in-Residence.
  • An invitation to attend the Good Grief Group, a monthly group counseling opportunity open to anyone who is living with grief and who desires to grow in and through the experience of it. This group is facilitated by Dr. Carroll.
  • Access to a wide range of web-based literature on the gift and the burden of healthy grieving, mourning, remembrance of death, and celebration of life.
  • Community-Wide Remembrance Services, including “Blue Christmas: A Service of Healing & Wholeness on the Longest Night of the Year,” held every December 21st for those for whom the holiday season is difficult to bear in the face of deep loss and sorrow.

We have promised that you are not alone. We mean that. Let us walk with you now, but also well beyond the funeral.

The warmth and beauty of flowers will be long-remembered

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