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Haley McGinnis’ commitment to our families does not end with the funeral.

Dr. Jonathan Eric Carroll is the Pastoral Counselor-in-Residence for Haley McGinnis Funeral Home, where he offers Grief Counseling and facilitates The Good Grief Group, a monthly group counseling opportunity on the fourth Tuesday of every month is open to anyone who is living with grief and who desires to grow in and through the experience of it.

He is also the founder and lead therapist at The Clinic @ The Montgomery, a counseling center located in downtown Owensboro, Kentucky.

Dr. Carroll is a Kentucky Licensed Pastoral Counselor (KLPC), a member of the Kentucky Association of Pastoral Counselors, an Adjunct Professor at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and is a Fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.

A Letter from Dr. Carroll, KLPC

We at Haley McGinnis Funeral Home strive to let those in need of our services know that they are not alone before, during and after leaving our immediate care.

Dr. Carroll

When a family enlists in our services, whether under unexpected circumstances or planned they enter into a covenant that isn’t merely about arrangements, service, life celebrations or fees.

Every family we serve requires specialized and unique care. Therefore we offer Grief Therapy Programs, counsel or just the opportunity for a conversation before, during or after some of life’s toughest moments.

Like many, I became acquainted with deep grief at a very early age. For years, I tried to fight it off or to run away. And then it occurred to me: “Don’t resist it; let it in, befriend your sadness. And never try to do it alone.”

Eventually, I developed a friendship with grief, and have come to understand that it is only in my grieving – and in my mourning – that healing can ever really happen.

Whatever it is that has brought many into feeling grief, we want to help. Nobody really gets over it; we learn instead to move through it, sometimes trudging, sometimes dancing. Consider our time spent together a dancing lesson.
– Dr. Jonathan Eric Carroll, KLPC

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