Family owned and operated since 1909

Serving families since 1909 with over 115 years of combined experience, our family has given us generations of experience in caring for families at the most delicate and difficult times they face in life. What this means for you, is that we are familiar with honoring long-held traditions and we are uniquely qualified and open to help families create new experiences that many families are seeking to have.

At Haley McGinnis Funeral Home, you are encouraged to share your ideas and tell us what you need.

Megan Everly Morris

Megan Everly Morris


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Our location boasts of amenities and design features specific to the community it serves and hosts. From furniture and traditional decor from the turn of the century, to wireless internet access available to all, our funeral home and life celebration center allow you a clean, comfortable space in which to relax, gather and begin healing.
We are known for our compassionate, caring and thoroughly professional staff, and have years of experience in planning military services. Whether your family chooses cremation or burial, we will be proud to take care of all the details involved.
Haley McGinnis excels at helping families create unique experiences for memorializing a loved one. Whether in addition to a traditional service or as a standalone service, we can create something that distinctly celebrates the life and interests of a person.